It’s no surprise that Peachtree City is recognized as one of the best places to live in the United States. Peachtree City is one of those few places that exudes natural beauty and charm which also provides endless opportunities for active lifestyle and leisure. There are plenty of recreational areas, and a wide range of options when it comes to shopping and delectable dining. And speaking of dining, you must not leave Peachtree City without trying some of their best food spots, or you’ll miss half the fun of your trip. Here are some of the best places to eat in Peachtree City.

The Beirut

The Beirut is an excellent place for people who want to indulge in Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine. They offer a wide range of traditional Lebanese and Mediterranean dishes that will surely satisfy your hunger. The place is top notch, and the food is authentic. It has got everything you’re looking for in a restaurant – from the presentation to the taste; The Beirut will never disappoint. The food is freshly prepared every single day. Whether you order beef, lamb or chicken, all recipes are extraordinarily good. They also offer Gluten free options.

Pascal’s Bistro

Another top-notch restaurant in Peachtree City that you should try is the Pascal’s Bistro. Pascal’s Bistro offers delicious American with a French twist. And they are not your ordinary American restaurant. They have the best steaks, pasta and other delectable cuisines for everyone to enjoy. The place is perfect for when you have something special to celebrate. It has an elegant ambiance that perfectly matches a special evening. Whether you come over for lunch or dinner, you will surely enjoy their fantastic food and friendly services.

The Georgia Shrimp Co.

If you’re looking for excellent food, friendly services, and lively atmosphere all rolled into one, there’s one place in Peachtree City you should visit – The Georgia Shrimp, Co. The Georgia Shrimp, Co. serves simple, yet tasty cuisine. They offer fresh fish specials with an American/Euro flair every single day. They make sure all dishes prepared are fresh. They also offer a wide selection of drinks and cocktails which are perfect for when you want to have a chill night. This food spot has the perfect atmosphere for when you want to savor a relaxing evening because it is their goal to make you feel as though you are just dining in your own home.


The Palmer’s is one of the crowd’s favorite places in Peachtree City. They are passionate about creating great food and providing the best dining experience to their customers. They are not fond of making things complicated, so they only serve simple, yet delicious comfort food that their customers love. It’s a perfect place to dine, relax and have fun. Walking through the doors will make you feel like you’re right where you belong. All you’ll have here is good food and good vibes. And don’t forget to try their best sellers – fish tacos, ahi tuna salad, homemade nachos and brisket nachos.

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